we celebrate womanhood

She Blooms celebrates womanhood, both in South Africa and in the Netherlands. This means that we encourage woman to be self-confident and to connect with their feminine power. We do this with
period workshops in South Africa. In these workshops we prepare mothers to have an open conversation with their daughter on menstruation and female sexuality. And we sell period soaps, which spread our message in a creative, positive and loving way.
By buying this soap you will help South African and Dutch girls and women to speak out and let their voices be heard. This will let them bloom and enable them to celebrate their feminine power.
Together we bloom!,



female sexuality

We believe that the world will be more beautiful and loving if we celebrate womanhood more, and if we communicate more open about sexuality. Both create understanding, contact and connection, which is highly needed in the world of today.
To make sure that girls and women have a more happy and healthy sexual development and grow into a woman who is positive about herself and speaks her voice with self-confidence, we use a method that is positive and stimulates connective communication.

Sexuality is a central aspect of a human beings life, and compromises many dimensions. These dimensions are not always experienced or given life to. Also the topic sexuality is often taboo. It is a pity that something that is so essential, and at the core of every human being, is so difficult to talk about. She Blooms changes this.
Femininity is about connection, about feeling, about intuition and about making contact. She is also sensual. In our workshops and through our soap we open the conversation on being a woman. How do you feel as a woman? Do you feel feminine? And what is your joy of being a woman?

Rituals make sure that you take the time to stand still when an important moment in your life occurs, to create a meaningful moment. The first menstruation is such a moment (and you can even celebrate this in a later stage in life when you forgot the first time :). It is something special that brings you a step closer to adulthood.

Less shame
It might sound a little unrealistic, however we love to dream big. We hope that every women in this world will be given a She Blooms soap, because it creates less shame and more self-love, openness and feminine power.


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