Our story

World wide there are still so many taboos, unnecessary shame, guilt and insecurities when it comes to menstruation and female sexuality. Regardless of background, religion, education, people seem to feel awkward when they talk about this subject. En we can hear you think: ‘well, not me, I am quite open when it comes to sexuality’. We put question marks to this. Because how honest and open are you really when it things become intimate? And do you speak the words vagina, penis, breasts, menstruation, cunnilingus, blowjob, masturbation and sex out loud without blushing?
We believe in the concept practice makes perfect and naming things by their names, from an early age (did you know that sexual development actually starts from birth?). And we believe in the power of vulnerability. Because, yes, speaking with about sex isn’t the most comfortable. However, it is super important to start the conversation. On sexuality, on love, on sex, on boundaries, on intimacy, on the yeses and no’s, on own experiences and also on the joy of sexuality. With a listening ear, judgement-free and with your own frame of reference only on the background for a while.
Sexual energy is life energy. And it wants to flow!

how it started

She Blooms’ seed has been planted a long time ago, in 2003. At that time founder Tessa stayed for five months in the South African township Kayamandi and has been positively confronted with a complete different way of living. She was touched by the way people connect physically, literally and figurative. The people feel with their bodies instead of thinking with their heads. She left South Africa promising herself that she would be back to do something with the topic HIV/Aids. Four years after that she returned to dive into the world of adolescents and sexuality because of the huge problems and the milinium goals of the United Nations. It has been an interesting and intense journey that also asked Tessa to open up completely. She learned that there is no right or wrong, that we are all human beings with different backgrounds, various lives and beliefs. And that there is definitely somethings that binds us all, we all have questions, insecurities and the need to express what is going on inside of us.

Mandela said that you can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Tessa needed a few years to work on herself and to find the courage and strength to really work on this subject. To find the faith to really do something with her research, knowledge and skills. And to bring her entrepreneurial genes to the surface.

And here we are. She Blooms has born. With Tessa’s wish to bring the physical, mental and emotional aspects of sexuality together. To create a safe environment where people trust one another to open up on an intimate subject where she loves to shine her light on. And to hopefully make more and more women to say YES to themselves and to celebrate that they are beautiful, exactly the way they are!

social enterprise

She Blooms is a social enterprise. This means that creating impact is the most important thing. At the same time we want to make profit to keep our project running. The profit will be invested in the Period Workshop which runs in South Africa (for developing the education material, the workshop tool-kits and for training trainers). The women who participate in the workshops will be given a soap at the end to give to their daughters.