Celebrating womanhood, one soap at a time

Our soap is not just a soap, it is s tool to celebrate womanhood and to open the conversation on female sexuality. You can see the soap as a seed that is planted the moment you give the soap as a gift. A seed that will grow into a blooming flower, which allows the lady to gain the self-confidence to follow her bliss and intuition and to be positive and believe in herself. A gift for life!

To add a personal touch we have three options, that all link to the most common menstrual pains: cramps, fatigue and mood swings.


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100% natural and handmade

Our period soaps are made by award-winning-farmer Ingrid from Canettevallei handmade soaps. We like to call our soaps, ‘slow soaps’, since it takes quite a long time to make and cure them. It takes five days to make the soap, to cut and stamp it. After that the soap needs to cure for around 40 days to make sure that the chemical reaction (that makes sure that the soap is foamy) dissapears. They way Ingrid chooses and combines the oils and ingredients, together with the love she puts into the whole proces, makes her way of making soap a true form of art!

Handmade soap from oils is a total different product than soap that is made in a factory: it is moisturizing and soft for your skin. This is amongs others due to the glycerin it contains, this attracts moist and holds it.
Our soap is made purely from oils of vegetable origin and has not been tested on animals. This makes our soap 100% vegan.
Free of palm oil
We only use natural and essential oils which are harmless to human beings and the environment. We replace palm oil with wondertree oil, just to add a little bit of magic.
Environmently friendly
If you really want to do something good for the environment, please say bye to your plastic bottled hand soap and showergel. Bars of soap are much more environmently friendly.

Together we bloom

Share your period ritual and break the taboo with us.
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how to use

This soap is made to use as a ritual to treat and love yourself and your body during your period. Just because you are worth it!

Wash your body with this soap and sing along while doing so & take a mirror to have a look at your vulva.

Do not wash your vagina with this soap, because your vagina is self-cleaning.